Comfort on my Own Skin

Whether your clothes are bulky for fall or lighter for summer, you are either comfortable in your skin or you’re not. In the cooler seasons, I can hide my problem areas from three pregnancies under high rise jeans and long sweaters. I can even hide my love handles caused by too many bagels and donuts. But no matter what, I still feel self-conscious about areas that I am quick to hide. A friend told me how she heard of a simple procedure that can could help reshape my misshapen body with a machine, as opposed to surgery. At first I was slightly insulted, but then intrigued. Can this machine really help me get rid of my problem areas? Would it hurt? How many sessions would I need?

When I asked her these questions she told me that in her research she found that people were not only happy with their results, but most saw improvement after just the first session, and after multiple sessions they were thrilled with their results. She said that while it didn’t hurt, it could feel like a bruised muscle depending on the area. She even went so far as to tell me where she thought I would see the most improvements. Just like when the eyebrow-threading lady asked me if I wanted to keep my mustache, I wasn’t sure if I should be thankful she was honest or insulted that she pointed out my imperfections. I guess we all want that friend who tells us we have something stuck in our teeth!

After doing some research I learned more about SculpSure body contouring and how it worked to destroy pockets of fat cells throughout various parts of your body midsection. The machine uses light technology to target and damage fat on a cellular level so your body can naturally get rid of it. I learned through my own research that results are typically seen within 6-12 weeks. The best part about SculpSure is that once your treatment is over, you can go on about your day with no down-time (because who has time for downtime anyway!?) I imagine the changing seasons to be similar to the life cycle of a butterfly. While we can cocoon ourselves in the fall and winter with bulky clothing, we want to feel as if we have pretty butterfly wings all the time, not just in the summer. SculpSure can help us feel our best. What’s better than feeling comfortable in your skin? Nothing!