Device for Silicon Breast Augmentation Eases Insertion

As with any surgery, Miami and South Florida patients seeking silicone gel breast implants face the chance of complications.  To minimize these risks, Dr. Sean Simon, a double board certified Miami plastic surgeon, uses one of the latest devices designed to offer women a better, gentler alternative for silicone breast implantation.

The Keller Funnel looks like the device used by chefs to dispense icing or frosting onto cakes. Once the implant is slipped into the sleeve, the doctor then gently squeezes the implant through the incision. The Keller Funnel replaces the traditional method of finger pushing large, pre-filled implants through small incisions.

Using the Keller Funnel allows Dr. Simon to make a smaller incision and use less force to insert the silicone gel breast implant. In turn, this “no touch” technique reduces trauma, bruising and post-operative pain.

The “no-touch” technique also reduces the chance of infection for women who prefer silicone implants for their breast augmentation. Diminishing the likelihood of the introduction of harmful bacteria or foreign material lessens implant contamination and the incidence of other clinical complications, including capsular contracture.

Other benefits associated with this specially coated, nylon funnel include:

Smaller scars

Less bruising and better healing

Less insertion force, possibly reducing incidence of implant rupture

More incision placement options

Today, more than half of the nearly 300,000 breast augmentations performed annually in the U.S. are completed using silicone gel implants, primarily due to their ability to mimic the natural look and feel of breast tissue. With its commitment to bringing patients the most advanced surgical technology, this Miami plastic surgery practice can help improve patient outcomes.