Forget the Razor, GET LASER!

Dr. Simon’s Plastic Surgery practice incorporates only the highest level of technology to offer the latest and most effective aesthetic treatments.   He is proud to offer Vectus Laser Hair Removal to his patients and the South Florida Community.

All Lasers are not created equal.  There are many lasers being touted for hair removal / reduction in Miami. The Vectus from Palomar / Cynosure is: THE GOLD STANDARD for Laser Hair Removal!  

Dr. Simon Plastic Surgery offers:

Fastest treatment in the industry.

Least discomfort, virtually painless.

Most effective for all skin types.

Brand New Laser in Perfect working order and maintained meticulously.

Highly trained staff with Years of Experience exclusively in Laser Hair Removal.

Extremely flexible schedule to accommodate all patients

If you want True Laser Hair Removal, outstanding service and top quality care, there is no other choice, but Dr. Sean Simon’s Plastic Surgery practice and the Vectus.  

Call (305) 668-0496 and schedule your appointment today