Natural Breast Augmentationis is Safe for young mothers

Natural Breast Augmentation procedure

Natural Breast Augmentation — a procedure where the breasts’ size is increased by transferring fat — is completely safe for young mothers as lactation and other functions are preserved, doctors said on Saturday.

According to the doctors, women desiring to have breast augmentation should opt for the natural way because there is no use of foreign material. There is no scar or mark left post-operative as the procedure is performed through keyhole, a minimally invasive process.‘The use of silicone implant to enhance the breast size has become passe. In the age where technological devices are becoming nano sized and surgeries becoming minimally invasive, this latest technique of natural breast implantation has gained immense popularity,’ said Lokesh Kumar, Director and head of BLK Centre for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. According to medical science, in Natural Breast Augmentation the size and volume of a woman’s breasts is increased using her own body. The minimally invasive procedure is safe and quick. In a span of a few hours, a woman undergoes from a B to a C cup.The technique is less stressful on the woman’s body and heals faster.

Additionally, the procedure has the benefit of liposuction where the fat is harvested from areas like abdomen, waist, thighs, back or buttocks.

Kumar said: ‘This technique is called Beauli and was invented in Germany a few years ago. During the procedure, a very high speed water jet stream is used to separate fat cells from the patient’s body.’‘With the help of a thin metal tube, fat is extracted from areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Once the fat is loose, it can be collected in a container which is ready to be used in any part of the body for enhancement. Like, for breast augmentation, this fatty tissue is injected under and around the breast area,’ said Kumar.Rakesh Ranjan, a general surgeon from Safdarjung hospital, said: ‘Today the situation is such that many women are put off with the word ‘silicone’ as there has been a lot of negative publicity due to the use of bad quality implants from unethical sources/surgeons’.‘But the safety of this procedure has stood the test of time. It is simple enough to be carried out as a day care procedure,’ he said.Stating that biologically a woman loses volume in her breasts as she ages, Ranjan said: ‘This surgery is also for women who possess enough fat in the thighs, abdomen, back, buttocks or arms and want them to get removed, which instead can be used for breasts.’‘Post procedure, the improvement in the breasts is visible only over the next few weeks, as the swelling goes down. One can expect to see marked improvement in breast size and volume as long as the bodyweight does not change,’ said Ranjan.