Kyle’s Secret to Gorgeous Body

Kyle Richards’ hair and skin are the envy of countless Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans. But she doesn’t use tons of expensive products. Far from it.

“I actually don’t use any products [on my hair]. I’m anti products,” Kyle told Hollywood Take at the at the launch of the SculpSure® body contouring laser treatment and the “If Your Clothes Could Talk” campaign. “I feel like less is more. I use argan oil in my hair sometimes, but I don’t use a lot of products in my hair as a rule because I think it dries it and it loses its shine.”

And when she says less is more she means it. “I don’t use hairspray,” she told us. “I don’t wash it every day. When I’m not filming I don’t use a blow dryer at all. I’ll just wash it, and let it dry naturally after I tie it in a knot.”

Kyle is careful about what she puts on her face, too. “I never ever use soap on my face,” Kyle said. “I use Dr. Paul Nassif’s exfoliating cleanser. I just use a little bit. But it’s a great cleanser and not too rough. My daughter even steals it from me!”

She admitted she has dry skin. So moisturizing is important. “I use face cream and heavy eye cream since my skin is so dry,” she said. “If I have an event or something at night, I won’t wear any makeup. Even though I’ve showered and washed my face, I feel like my skin just looks better if it’s fresh and hasn’t had makeup on it all day.”

Maintaining her figure isn’t always easy, though. “I try to eat as healthy as I can,” Kyle told us. “Whatever you put in reflects on the outside. I also live a healthy lifestyle by exercising a lot.”

Last summer, Kyle felt like her stomach was in the “best shape ever.” But it was hard to maintain sculpted abs. “I heard about SculpSure, which is a non-invasive sculpting procedure that only takes 25 minutes,” she gushed. “So I had to try it, and I’m excited to see the results.”

The RHOBH star is even planning to go back for more. “You have to wait six weeks before having another area done,” she explained. “But I want to do my [flanks] next. I have four kids. So if I’m feeling good I’ll show it off!”