Redefine and Resculpt Your Body

Redefine and Resculpt Your Body

Drawing on more than 14 years of experience and nearly 10,000 operations to his credit during that time, double board-certified Dr. Sean Simon applies his philosophy of treating the whole patient to every aspect of care from discovering the ideal treatment with patients to making sure they are at ease and comfortable after surgery. Dr. Simon is able to address each patient’s unique physique and specific needs to assure the optimal aesthetic results. Whether he is performing a body contouring procedure with advanced, laser-assisted liposculpture techniques or a complicated breast enhancement or reconstruction, Dr. Simon draws on his experience to deliver consistently outstanding results.

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1. Three Things Everyone Should Do Before Surgery

Consult with a boardcertified plastic surgeon; make sure you are having surgery for the right reasons; and plan appropriately for the postoperative period

2. My Dream Innovation

A laser that could completely eliminate scars and stretch marks

3. The Most Unique Aspect Of My Practice

We offer SculpSure ® , a new FDA-approved, noninvasive laser procedure that reduces fat in the target area by 25 percent in one 25 minute session with ZERO downtime

4. My Happiest Professional Moment

The first day I operated in my new office and surgery center two years ago

5. What I Love Most About My Profession

Helping people achieve their dreams, and enhancing self-esteem and confidence scars and stretch marks

6. The Most Outrageous Medical Myth I’ve Heard

That patients can’t fly on an airplane a short time after having breast implants placed for some sort of fear that they will explode or deflate