Keller Funnel

Miami, Florida– Dr. Sean Simon, a double board certified Miami plastic surgeon, has witnessed firsthand the challenges of placing silicone breast implants into breast augmentation patients. From reducing bruising or the chance of infection to perfecting placement, silicone implants can be tricky.

Not for Dr. Simon. The surgeon uses the “Keller Funnel.” The device offers women a better, gentler alternative to the traditional method of finger pushing large, pre-filled implants through small incisions.

“Our practice is committed to bringing patients the most advanced technology and products that will deliver the best outcomes,” said Dr. Simon. “The Keller Funnel allows me to make smaller incisions and use less force, which in turn reduce trauma, bruising and post-operative pain. I use this ‘no touch’ technique with all women who prefer silicone implants for their breast augmentation

” The specially coated, nylon delivery tool improves the silicone breast augmentation procedure for both doctors and their patients. Women considering a breast augmentation procedure should discuss with their doctors the key benefits, including: – Smaller scars – Less bruising, better healing – The ability for doctors to use a “no-touch” technique which reduces the chance of introducing unwanted bacteria or foreign material which may lead to implant contamination, and may lessen incidence of clinical complications including capsular contracture – Less insertion force, possibly reducing incidence of implant rupture – More incision placement options.

Today, more than half of the nearly 300,000 breast augmentations performed annually in the U.S. are completed using silicone gel implants, primarily due to their ability to mimic the natural look and feel of breast tissue. “We’re using this funnel because I want to use everything available to make each procedure safer, with fewer complications and better outcomes for the patient,” Dr. Simon said.

View a short clip demonstrating the procedure with and without the Funnel. To learn more, contact Dr. Simon’s office.


Dr. Sean Simon M.D. is a double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has run a successful private practice in Miami, Florida, since 2006. A graduate of the prestigious University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Simon specializes in the most advanced techniques for procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, body sculpting and buttocks augmentation as well as reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. Additionally he offers Laser Liposculpture, Laser Hair Removal and skin treatments utilizing the most technologically advanced Palomar laser systems. Dr. Simon’s office is located at 6200 Sunset Drive, Suite 501, in Miami, Florida.