Spring 2015 – Miracle Workers


Now that you’ve invested your time and money, you don’t want to make all your efforts null and void and end up gaining ony of the fat that’s been removed. When fat is destroyed or physically removed from the body, it won’t return to that spot. But, if you do gain weight, the fat needs to go somewhere. The only two things that you need to do to maintain your results: Work out and watch what you eat. “Any type of fat reducing treatmen requires a sensible diet and exercise as the mainstay to keep up the results” sayd Dr. Tehrani.


What it is: A micro-invasive skin tightener that uses radio frequency and heat to destroy fat pockets.

How it works: ThermiThight uses the same principle behind a radio-frequency device, but on a different level -a probe goes under the skin through a small incision to shrink the tissue and melt the fat.

Best for targeting fat on: The neck and other small parts of the body.

What the doctor says: Radio frequency uses heat, that when applied to the treatment are, tightens skin and may diminish some fat,” says Dr. Tehrani.

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What it is: A one-hour procedure that relies on high-intensity focused ultrasound to get rid of fat.

How it works: Using ultrasound. Liposonix sends energy deep within the skin to destroy unwanted fat without disrupting the skin or surrounding tissues. The treatment head is placed n the area, and as the energy hits the fat, it creates a continue lesion to destroy it. Then the body naturally eliminates the fat. According to the company, after one treatment session, which can sometimes be accompanied by discomfort, cold, prickiling, tingling or warmth, about one inch can be lost from the waistline (after eight to 12 weeks post-treatment).

Best for targeting fat on: The flanks, abdomen and waistline.

What the doctor says: According to Dr. Tehrani, Liposonix is more painful than other fat melting options because it uses highly focused ultrasound to destroy fat. “It is also time consuming to treat large areas of the body, so it’ limited in its use.”


What it is: While liposuction isn’t a noninvasive treatment, it does offer permanent fat reduction like surgery, so it often falls on the outskirts of nonsurgical treatment.

How it works: Liposuction is still the most reliable way to permanently get rid of fat without the worry that some patients experience with other treatments (whether or not they’ll get enough fat reduction to be happy with the result.) No matter which area is treated with liposuction, a tiny incision is made (it’s barely visible once you’re healed) and a cannula is inserted, which suctions out the fat.

Best for targeting fat on: The entire body -there’s no area it can’t treat.

What the doctor says: “Liposuction continuous to be the most precise tool to sculpt away fatty defects”, says Dr. Ordon. “Both liposuction and nonsurgical techniques have been proven to work, but the surgical approach is more accurate and effective and has longer and better track record.”