The Right Miami Plastic Surgeon

At this Miami plastic surgery office, we often hear the question: How do I know which cosmetic surgeon is right for me? Who’s the most qualified to perform my breast augmentation, buttocks augmentation, tummy tuck or laser procedure?

Let’s answer the first question first. Our patients seek a plastic surgeon, not a “cosmetic” surgeon. The difference is important. A cosmetic surgeon may not be a surgeon at all. Credentials can be earned with as little as a month’s apprenticeship by almost any doctor with very limited surgical training – or none at all.

A plastic surgeon went through medical school, was accepted into a competitive residency surgery training program and a nationally accredited institution, and was specifically trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Selecting the “right” Miami plastic surgeon often comes down to a blend of objective and subjective measures. For example, you want an educated and experienced surgeon with a medical degree from a respected, accredited university. He should be board certified in plastic surgery. He also should have earned the praise of peers and patients alike, who respect the surgeon’s approach and results.

As for subjective measures, when you meet with the physician, does the surgeon talk to – not at – you? Are your specific questions answered thoroughly, without brushing off your worries or concerns? Does he physically examine you – your breasts, buttocks, stomach or abdomen, arms, thighs or face – so he can discuss your case from a deeper, more insightful perspective?

Selecting the “right” surgeon often comes down to a gut feeling. If you feel comfortable with him or her, you may have the right choice looking back at you.