Cellulaze (Laser Cellulite Treatment)

Are you frustrated that you can’t get rid of cellulite, no matter how hard you try?

Here’s a fact that may surprise you. Cellulite is actually caused by factors outside your control. Many believe it’s a fat problem, which can be addressed through diet and exercise. But fat isn’t the only culprit. Cellulite is a structural problem below the skin. And while you may have tried every treatment possible, you’ve never had a way to treat the very structure of cellulite. Until now. 

Introducing Cellulaze from Cynosure, the only treatment that attacks the structural problems beneath the skin that cause cellulite. A minimally invasive, laser-assisted procedure performed by a qualified physician, Cellulaze is a new anti-cellulite treatment clinically proven to increase your skin’s natural thickness for a smoother, healthier look that lasts. All from just one simple anti-cellulite treatment.

Dr. Simon Plastic Surgery offers the latest in cosmetic surgery in Miami, Florida. Sean Simon is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who uses sophisticated approaches and attention to detail for cosmetic surgery candidates.  Dr. Simon utilizes Cellulaze as this is the latest technology for effective, smooth, and safe cellulite removal, allowing for the best possible results. 

How it Works: A Unique Approach

Aging, hormones, genetics and dramatic weight changes can all play a role in the appearance of cellulite. These factors can cause connective tissue bands under the skin to stiffen and the fat cells they surround to become larger and push up into the skin. And that creates the “cottage cheese” effect you wish you could eliminate, which is even easier to see if you have thin skin.

You can’t control these factors, regardless of how many miles you run or salads you eat. But you can control how you treat cellulite. Many other anti-cellulite treatments focus on cellulite superficially, applying treatment above the skin. Only Cellulaze treats the fibrous bands beneath the skin, while also thickening and adding elasticity to the skin.

Building on two decades of unparalleled investments in developing light-based systems for aesthetic providers, the Palomar Icon system redefines the standard of light-based cosmetic and dermatologic care by introducing several new enhancements designed to help improve clinical outcomes and treatment satisfaction.

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One Simple Anti-Cellulite Treatment. One Incredible Smooth Body

Dr. Sean Simon will mark the areas of cellulite to be treated with a marker.
A couple of tiny incisions will be made, about the size of the tip of a pen.
Local anesthesia or numbing solution is used (you’ll be awake during the procedure).
The Cellulaze laser fiber is threaded through a very small tube (or cannula) and inserted through the incision site.

SideLaze 3D Cellulaze

Level out bumps of fat.
Treat dimples by releasing the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin.
Stimulate collagen production to increase your skin’s depth and elasticity for a smoother look.
The liquefied fat is gently pressed out.
The entire procedure should take about 1–1.5 hours

Dr. Simon possesses those special qualities that ensure that you will be comfortable with your decision. He’s a listener whose skills include the ability to translate your expectations, or expressions of concern, into preparation, treatment and follow-up that’s appropriate for your condition. Most importantly, his is an approach that achieves the best possible results.

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During the consultation process you will have the opportunity to discuss the potential risks of cellulaze, in addition you will be given material for review at home that will further detail these issues.

Dr. Sean Simon Plastic Surgery brings Cellulaze Anti-Cellulite to Miami, Florida

Dr Sean Simon - Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL

FAQ Cellulaze

How does Cellulaze™ work?
The treatment consists of inserting a very small cannula—a tube about the size of a pen tip—under the skin in order to treat the structural causes of cellulite.The laser will melt fat, and deliver laser energy to release the fibrous bands under the skin and promote collagen production. Increasing collagen has been clinically shown to result in improved skin thickness and elasticity. By targeting these three areas, Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive device indicated for the laser treatment of cellulite.
How do I know if Cellulaze is right for me?
Cellulaze is a one-time minimally invasive procedure that can be done in-office. It’s best to speak with a physician to discuss your needs and expectatio
What does the procedure feel like?
Because the area is generally numbed with local anesthesia, there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may feel a slight pressure during the treatment. Following a Cellulaze treatment, you may experience some temporary soreness in the treatment area.
I’ve tried everything to get rid of cellulite. Why does the Cellulaze treatment work?
Cellulaze is backed by years of clinical research and published data on results lasting three years. Additionally, studies have shown that Cellulaze treatments have increased the thickness of the skin by 25% and the elasticity of the skin by 29%.
How long will it be until I see the results?
You’ll see some improvement right away with optimal results apparent between 3–6 months. However, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen.